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 GNOMEDOME NOTES.....03.July.2000

*  Happy Independence Day!  *

Special Edition:
I figured I'd try to put out a special edition this week, for two reasons: It's the 4th of July weekend, but even more's my little grandsons' birthday!! Bobby is five years old today, and he gets his cast off today too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!! Bobby has been a real troopeer. I've never heard him once complain about his broken arm, or his cast. He sure doesn't let that cast slow him down any either!

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  • If You Can Read This, Please Flip Me Back Over
    [Seen Upside Down, On A Jeep]
The Highway of Legends:
The Highway of Legends, is a beautiful and scenic ride, through the small towns and mountains of Colorado!! Thru summer....fall.....winter and spring, as we travel with The MountainGnome crew, we're going to take you on vacation to the scenic places we visit. Here is a great place to learn some of the history of these gold, silver and coal mining camps of an era gone by! The Sangre de Cristo Mountains from the Highway of Legends State Highway 12, the Scenic Highway of Legends ties Trinidad, Weston, Stonewall, Cuchara, La Veta, and Walsenburg together with a ribbon of asphalt that journeys through some of the most beautiful mountain countryside in the world. Going west out of Trinidad it passes the Trinidad Lake State Park before entering the Purgatoire River Valley. Then it passes by Cokedale, rated the "Best Preserved Coal Mining Camp" in Colorado. The old coke ovens can be seen right beside the road as you go by town.
Stop by again next week for another drive through the mountains!
  • Jesse James committed the world's first train robbery on July 21, 1873. (Adair, Iowa)
Article from Reader:
Stan, WOW what a weekend! I loved your pictures. Bobby, the crystal clear lake, the mountain views and especially the skies. How do you ever get anything done? What an enjoyable way to relax!!!!!!!! Hope you did. Whenever we go to Las Vegas we always stay at Stardust and on the Mountain Side cause we enjoy watching the sunrise cast over the mountains and watch the hot air balloons go up. It is relaxing to us. We both like Vegas. Finally after all these years we find something besides working to enjoy together. It is nice when you do that. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your mini vacation and hope I can visit there someday too. I always enjoyed fishing. Haven't though since July 4th, 1983. My Dad took Us to Lake Erie for the Day on a Charter. I caught 18 of the 36 Walleye the six of us could catch legally. I could do nothing wrong that day. It was so nice! My Dad died that New Year's Eve and I can always look back like you say and know I always told him I loved him. We loved to fish together. We used to go to Canada (way back when I was a kid ;-)) and I would get up at 3 to go out with him, just the two of us. We bonded and I always have that. My mom and dad used to take my kids once in a while camping, they still remember and talk about it. Dotty

 Busy Bob Jones    Tue. 20 June 2000

Davis Station Antarctica:
Greetings from Davis.
Davis has been a hive of activity this week with preparations for midwinter. Everywhere you go people are skulking in corners with their lines held up to their faces, trying to look unobtrusive. Director Robin is using a draconian hand to keep everyone in line and, with rehearsals nearly every second day, this is no mean feat. Wally and Brendan have finished the construction and props for the big event. Our talented sparkies, Rob Pile and Brad French, have the lighting well in hand while Darren and Ray have us wired for sound. Chef Mick has started early on his preparations for the mid-year festivity too: hardly surprising when he is offering thirty choices for our delectation. Andy Reid and a host of volunteers have laboured to fill the snow melter turning it into our outdoor spa: what would mid winter's day be without a spa? Andrew Reid and Jack Gilbert shovelling snow for the outdoor spa.

We have had many pleasing responses to our midwinter invitations, including the South African and Ukranian Stations. The most unexpected and delightful response has come from the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair. Our very own POM sent the letter to Tony Blair's secretary and he was good enough to reply himself. It would appear that a lot of people are having difficulty in making the necessary transport connections but we remain hopeful. Gilbert Wallace, an old ANARE doctor who has made the trip to Davis before, called in from Port Hedland. There, they are celebrating a welcome respite from the heat and rang through to get an opposite view to their own situation. Port Hedland holds its celebrations two days before we hold ours.

Our two resident beefcakes, Ray and Brett, are giving the gym equipment an overhaul. They have already built a new squat rack, preacher bench, weights rack and bars for the lateral pulldown. The works in progress include a calf raiser and a leg extension machine. While the gym construction has been happening in the dieso workshop the diesos have not been idle. Peter and Nic have been servicing and repairing the Hagglunds. Peter took the first of many Hagglund-training drives out recently. After mid winter the rest are sure to follow. Given the quality of the quad course, also conducted by Peter, we are all eagerly awaiting our turns.

There was some despair amongst our hydroponics workers that we would not have any tomatoes for mid winter. Although the bushes have been laden with tomatoes for a month now none of them would ripen. Our first tomato has achieved a weight of 350 grams yet is still stubbornly refusing to ripen. Last week the cherry tomatoes began to blush, and we will now have a tomato for everyone on station for the big celebration. Another late developer, our eggplants, have succumbed to their daily hand pollinations and we now have three fruit. The capsicum and squash have graciously deigned to produce fruit, and we are looking forward to eating these in a few weeks.

To the last and greatest feat of this week. Rob Pile, our soon to be sexagenarian, has donated his body to charity and science. By the judicious use of an offer to have part of his body pierced Rob managed to raise from the Davis men the amazing sum of $1150. This money is to be donated to the cancer research foundation, preferably in Darwin if there is a branch there. Rob is still a little anxious about his reception upon return to Hobart, but is fairly certain that he won't be disowned without being given a chance to explain the whole situation first.
Information relating to Davis Station is at:
All content and photos are property and Copyright of the Australian Antarctic Division.

To Bob and the Davis Crew.....Keep Safe....Warm.....and Thanks for Sharing!!

  • Help wanted telepathy: you know where to apply.
Talk About Dumb.... United States legislature allows for a wide variety of strange laws from states, counties, and towns eager to preserve their identity. Some appear more than a little superfluous, such as the edict from the City Council of Chico, California, banning nuclear weapons. Anyone caught detonating a nuclear device within the city limits could face a fine of up to $500. (Provided, of course, that anything's left of the city to pay the fine to....)

-- The Mountain Man        


Ridin' the Rails: Verde Canyon Railroad
Clarkdale, Arizona
  • Passengers have a unique opportunity to view Sinagua Indian ruins, a monocline fold, pass through a 680 ft. man-made tunnel, and traverse the North Verde River, home to a variety of endangered and endearing waterfowl and wildlife.
  • The land traveled by the Railroad provides the only way possible to view a unique and protected wilderness preservation.
  • The train engines' beautiful eagle artwork was painted by wildlife and landscape artist, Doug Allen.
  • The Railroad depot has a cafe, gift store & mini-museum.

It's always great to hear of one more railway come back to life!! Read about the Jansen Junction & Stonewall Valley Railroad project, in the NEWS and VIEWS Section!

Happy Railroadin' Partners.....have fun and enjoy!!! No better way to enjoy wildlife....nature....and just down right relaxin'!

  • If at first you do succeed - try not to look astonished...
Outdoor Adventure: Bramlett's Black Canyon Bulls:
Big Trophy Elk Hunts
Lester Bramlett
(970) 921-3234
Crawford, Colorado

10 years in business! No need to spend big money and not bag that Big Trophy Elk. Our ranch consists of 2,300 acres of Western Colorado Elk country. Browse through and see why we take pride in our hunts...

You've seen them on The Outdoor Channel.....'ll find it all and More at Bramlett's Black Canyon Bulls

Survival Tip:Shelter:
You can die in as little as three hours from loss of body heat. Shelter, starting with your clothes and working outward, should be given highest priority.
Until next time: Be Safe ~ Be Happy!!

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Skeeter's new ZX performance bass boats feature uncompromised comfort, maneuverability and fishability. Crafted with innovative technology, including X-TREME and X-CEL composite construction, the ZX boasts unmatched strength and durability. Hydrodynamically designed hulls deliver exceptional maneuverability and a smooth, dry ride. ZX casting decks are extremely roomy, with room for two anglers on the front deck alone. Ergonamically designed cockpits and controls. Super-sized rod lockers. Plus all the latest electronics, including names like Zercom®, MotorGuide®, Dual Pro® and Lowrance®. In addition, all Skeeter boats are powered by the legendary power and performance of Yamaha.

GREAT BUY: HIVIZ Sight Systems:
Rifle/Inline Sight System
Our pro staff uses scopes on many rifles, especially long range hunting rigs and varmint guns, but if you enjoy the tradition and brush shooting capabilities of iron sights as we do, the HIVIZ rifle sight will astound you. The bright glow, seamless sight picture (no need to jump focus between front sight and target) is fast and accurate. The HIVIZ in your face sight picture is often faster than conventional scopes and its extreme brightness under the lowest light conditions will actually allow you to shoot when conventional scopes don't work. And, unlike a scope, you will see bullet deflecting brush. If you're serious about your timber/brush hunting, get the HIVIZ advantage.


Show Off: Yessiree, show off that Classic Car ya restored....or send us a car tip...or maybe a great car site! E-mail all them goodies to
Guide for automotive enthusiasts and consumers. Site includes automotive, classic car, and racing categories. . .

Free Car Air Freshener - from DuraLube:
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The Outdoor Channel:
Founded by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, The Outdoor Channel features quality programming designed to educate and entertain sportsmen of all skill levels. The channel promotes the traditional outdoor activities that are a vital part of our national heritage including fishing, hunting and shooting sports. The programs are designed to appeal to "traditional sportsmen" of all ages with a focus on activities that the entire family can enjoy in the great outdoors.
Folks, here at The MountainGnome headquarters, we're all avid fans of The Outdoor Channel!! On the Net or on TV, it's great!

  • If something goes without saying - LET IT!


The Outdoor Channel
Tamas to receive 1999 Olympic Shooter of the Year Award
By Paula J. Randall Pagán
U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Public Affairs Office

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Sgt. 1st Class Thomas A. Tamas,
an international rifle shooter with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit of Fort Benning, Ga., will be honored by USA Shooting, Saturday, as the 1999 Olympic Shooter of the Year, at an awards dinner at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel. More......

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  • Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition...
Scenic Railroad plan targets tourists:Trinidad, Colorado
A scenic railroad, running between Jansen and Stonewall, is being considered by Rail Ventures, Inc.

The train would utilize the existing track once used by the Eagle Mine, and would travel round trip to the mine, which would be developed into a tourist destination, from the old Jansen depot. Gift shops and other tourist-style businesses would be established for riders to enjoy.

The Jansen Junction & Stonewall Valley Railroad project mission is, " bring back the cherished link between the mine, the railroad and the people of Trinidad. We want to work with the community as partners to allow the individuals to grow with profitable entrepreneurial opportunities."

Reed estimated that with the use of an old-style steam engine, about 70,000 tourists would ride the 32-mile train route annually. Round trips would cost about $17.50.

Negotiations are ongoing to lease the rails for the first 18 to 36 months, followed by a purchase agreement. Reed hoped to have the first train running by the end of the summer, but stressed that progress depended on continued successful negotiations.

Here at The MountainGnome, we'll keep up with the progress of this project and hope to have ya Ridin' the Rails soon!


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Hey, Moms! Win a great summer getaway vacation from the folks at ClubMom. Entry is FREE! Say goodbye to the heat. Farewell to crowded parks and pools. And adios to fights over the fan. You deserve to get away, and, wherever your dream spot is, They'll send you there! ClubMom is giving away a $5,000 family vacation - Summer Getaway Sweepstakes!

Get Some Rest:
The fatigue you feel in the first and third trimesters is your body's way of telling you to slow down. So listen up and take it easy. A nap in the middle of the day may seem like a luxury you can't afford, but you and your baby will benefit from the down time. If you can't sleep, at least put your feet up and read a book or leaf through a magazine. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and massage are all great ways to combat stress and get a better night's sleep. NOTE: Always follow the advice of your Physician!

Real Friends Bring Dinner:
Surviving the first few weeks with a newborn is a daunting task. One of the best ways friends can help -- and they will ask -- is to bring by dinner. Dinner can provide a civilized break, and some order, in a newly chaotic world. One idea making the rounds at baby showers these days is the postpartum dinner group. The host circulates a signup sheet and guests mark an evening when they can bring dinner by. Every little bit helps during a time when it's hard to distinguish night from day.
NOTE! Always check with and follow the advice of your physician!!
Brought to you today by
  • This Would Be Really Funny If It Weren't Happening To Me.....


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This is a lot like the old arcade classic where you shoot blast barrels. However, in this game you lose lives if you let any submarines escape. The game even has power ups.

PowerDesk 4
Replace Windows Explorer with this freeware file management utility that gives you all the functionality of Explorer, plus support for encryption and compression, as well as an expanded right-click menu.

  • Curious George and the High Voltage Fence...


During the World Wars, thousands of Germans and Japanese living in America were interned because the U.S. government feared that they might be involved with the governments in their homelands. Records of these families are often hard to find, especially if the families relocated after their release.

To search for these records, start by going to the National Archives at:
If the National Archives doesn't have the records you're looking for, it may be able to help you determine where to begin your search.

  • The comb dates back to Scandinavia around 8000 B.C.


Jim Zumbo's Home Page
Get Jim Zumbo's recipe for Zumbo's Famous Meatloaf, and other great recipes for Venison!!

Potato Salad:
This recipe varies standard potato salad by adding tender-crisp green beans. If you have beans straight from your garden or a farmer's market, so much the better. Serves 4-6.
  • 4 red potatoes
  • 1 lb green beans
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • 1/3 cup olive or canola oil
  • 1/3 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 tsp oregano
  • 1 tsp salt
Cook potatoes just until tender; drain, cool, and slice. Cook beans until crisp-tender; mix with tomatoes and onion. Add oil and seasonings; let marinate in refrigerator 1 hour or longer.

So until next time, REMEMBER:  "Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't..."
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