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The Mountaingnome Well folks, it's colder'n a well diggers..errr..butt, in January, here in Colorado, but we made it past our first issue and on to the SECOND! I'm actually thrilled that we now have a past issue and picked up a bunch of new prospectors! The MountainGnomes daughter suggested we add somthin' for Moms-To-Be and New Moms. Well now, ya'll know I had to agree! The heavy snows have dumped a load and passed......and all our skiers and snowmobilers are happier than a hog in slop! The Mountain Man's gonna do a little braggin' on his new grandchild this week! Sarah is a peach...just 2 months old today! Now here's my lazy ole' mountaindog MAC. Man, what a life, huh?! Now Mac's not much of a huntin' dog, 'bout the only thing he hunts, is his food dish!

Come on folks, now don't be shy....send us a favorite photo or favorite story that you'd like to share with us. E-mail it along with your name and where you're from(if ya want to)and dadgumitt...we'll put it right here! Just email them to The MountainGnome.

Folks..Christmas holidays are fast aproachin'...snow-rain and ice hazards are also on the horizon.....It's a joyous time of year for all...Please, don't Drink and Drive...let's keep this Holiday Safe and Joyous for All!! Note: Don't let THIS happen!

Next week we're gonna pay a visit to the Historic Bon Carbo, Co. Post Office....lotsa history there!

-- The Mountain Man        


What say we head up yonder to the Northern Catskill Mountains of New York(now put that dadburn rope away!)to Windham, New York. Windham is just a couple short hours north of the New York metro area. Now this state is plum full of nice, friendly folks. The ole' Mountain Man lived up in the Ohio Valley for years, so I know about some of the purttiest places in the Midwest and New England area. Here in Windham, there is some great skiing, plenty of fine lodging, restaurants full of scrumdelicious cuzines, and ya can dnace yer dadgum feet off, if ya want! The Victorian atmosphere of the east is awe inspiring and the mountain views are breathtaking! Hunter Inn, what a fine place ta lay yer sleepy head fer the night! Reasonable...comfy...roomy and most important friendly!! Just one of many quality lodgings where ya'll can lay back and have sweet dreams. Enjoy - Ski Windham!


Alaska Bush Adventures. Experience the best of Alaska big game hunts with longtime Alaskan hunting guide Les Krank.
Float Alaska's mighty rivers fishing for salmon, and hunting for trophy bull moose. Jet boat the small, game rich tributaries for access to areas never hunted before. Scope out the elegant caribou, and stalk the awesome grizzly bear. They'll get you to the game with personalized service to help you meet your goals. These folks have the experience and down home atmosphere to make ya feel right at home!

Now let's head on up to Cuchara, Colorado and do some fishin' agin! Bear and Blue lake are located several miles west of Cuchara, off the Highway of Legends(HWY. 12). Great time for catchin' some pan size trout! Now when you're done freezin'..err.. I mean fishin', you can head over to Cuchara and have a great meal. They got some real western style saloons and eateries! Close by, you'll also find the historic towns of Stonewall and La Veta. Man, you talk about some downright warm folks...well, you'll meet them here! Try the Cuchara Mountain Ski Resort for some real fun. It's off the beatin' path and really quaint. It's a blast eatin' dinner and watchin' them skiers flyin' down the slopes. be twenty again!

Thinkin' 'bout some warm weather activities?! Let's head over to TAHITI! The land of warmth and tanned skin and FUN too!! Skiing..water skiing that is, heh heh heh. Scuba diving...swiming...surfing...dancing and so much more to enjoy. Now fer me an ole'MAC, we'll just lay back and enjoy the beach. Heck, ya saw how active ole' MAC is! The tropical warm weather paradise.


No Gun Show Loophole
From: NRA- Institute for Legislative Action 12/11/99
Close the gun show loophole" demands Handgun Control, Inc. The major obstacle to Congress complying with HCI's wishes appears to be the desire of many Democrats to preserve gun shows as a campaign issue in the 2000 election. But if the voters learn the facts about gun shows, they will discover that there is no gun show loophole, no gun show crime problem, and no reason to adopt federal legislation whose main impact would be to infringe First and Second Amendment rights.

After they take away your guns...then what else will they take away, for your own good?!

 TIPS FOR: Moms-To-Be & New Moms

Cut Down on Trips to the Bathroom!
Shortly after you become pregnant you may find yourself scurrying to the bathroom at an alarming rate. The reason? As your baby grows, so does the amount of blood and other fluids in your body. Your kidneys work harder to quickly eliminate waste products - and you're bathroom-bound yet again. Cut down on nighttime trips to the bathroom by drinking plenty of fluids during the day but less after 4 p.m. Avoid diuretics such as coffee, tea, and alcohol (which you shouldn't be drinking now anyway). Another tip: When you pee, lean forward to make sure you completely empty your bladder.

Baby Safety
Put a gate around the base of your Christmas tree and make sure any lighted candles are out of reach. Don't let draped tablecloths or table runners hang too far over a table's edge; they're a tempting handhold for babies just learning to pull up or walk.


Mcafee Y2K Survival Kit. Ya better check to see if that dadblame computer is up to this here Y2K glitch. McAffe has some programs that will test yer software and hardware and they're free to use......YAHOO!!!! They also have some stuff that'll keep ya runnin' without a hitch after the year 2000! Great folks here..try'em out.


Survival Tip For Children
HUG A TREE: Teach your children that a tree can be a friend. Tell them if they ever get lost to select a tree near a clearing and stay there. If they are frightened, they can hug and talk to the tree. This will help prevent panic and keep the child in one place, increasing chances of discovery.


Shrimp Curry

  • 1 pound Shrimp
  • 1/2 cup Evaporated Milk
  • 1/2 cup Chicken bouillon
  • 1 Tablespoon dehydratedOnion Flakes
  • 2 teaspoons Cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon CurryPowder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon Pepper

In top of double boiler, blend milk, bouillon, onion flakes, cornstarch, curry powder, salt and pepper; place over boiling water, stirring until mixture thickens. Cover; cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in fish chunks; heat mixture for 5 to 10 minutes or until shrimp is cooked, stirring often. This dish is especially delicious when served over rice with a green salad on the side. Serves 2.