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Mineral Springs Resort and Spa
Ojo Caliente, NM.

Blue Eye, Missouri

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Frontier Festival
Jan. 5-7, Albany, GA

United Nebraska Muzzleloaders Association Convention & Trade Show
Jan. 12-14., Kearney, NE

Florida Frontiersmen
Jan. 20-27, Bartow, FL

Fort Foster Rendezvous
Jan. 27-28, Thonotosassa, FL

Frozen Toes Rendezvous
Feb. 22-25, Fort Lupton, CO

Camp Dubois Spring Rendezvous
May 5-6, Wood River, IL

Plainsmen Black Powder Club Rendezvous
May 19-21, Kindred, ND

Lancaster Restoration Rendezvous
May 24-28, Fort Lupton, CO

Paul Bunyan Plainsmen Rendezvous
May 25-28, Puyallup, WA

Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous
May 26-27, Fort Atkinson, WI

Fort Crevecoeur Spring Rendezvous
May 26-27, Creve Coeur, IL

Prairie Villa Rendezvous
June 15-18, Prairie Du Chien, WI

Trapper Days Rendezvous
Sept. 6-9, Fort Lupton, CO

White Oak Society Rendezvous
Aug. 3-5, Deer River, MN

Hunters Widows Rendezvous
Sept. 15-17, Fort Lupton, CO

Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days
Oct.21-22, Warsaw, MO

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The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666
A gigantic self-programming computer

One will need the number of the Beast to buy and sell

by Gilberte Côté Mercier

The beast of the Apocalypse is already set up in Brussels, Belgium: It is a gigantic computer that makes its own programs. "By using three entries of six digits each, each citizen of the whole world will be given a distinct credit card number." Three entries of six digits each: 666.

Saint John's Apocalypse speaks of two Beast of the sea and the Beast of the earth, that will make up the "Antichrist" couple at the end of times. The commentators say that the Beast coming from the sea is the political power, Satan's fearsome ally. And the Beast coming from the earth is the power of money. The Beast of the earth, the financial power, "shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and slaves, to receive a mark on their right hands, or on their foreheads, and that none might buy or sell, unless he carried this mark, which was the beast's name, or the number that stands for his name. Here is wisdom. He that has understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred and sixty-six." (Apoc. 13:16-18)
Read the complete article at Illuminati News
NOTE: This is a very interesting article. Is it just another conspiracy theory, or is it truth?!

"It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning" - Henry Ford

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Traditions Strikerfire REVIEW
by Jonathan Koziol

The Traditions Strikerfire has arrived! I had been out in the shop casting some bullets when I heard the UPS truck engine with that whistle to it, turned off my pot and knew I had my hands full before I shut the door.

As usual, I inspected the gun to make sure there was no factory errors/major flaws, none to be found. Second thing I did, Play with the new Hammerless Striker system! Very cool and very smooth operation. With any new design that you are not used to, it will take time for it to feel as natural as a regular hammer design gun. The De-cocking button is simple, just press down and it uncocks the rifle and you're back on safety. I will show this Hammerless design on Video for better exposure on how it all works.

This rifle has the Double safety system where its on safety when the Striker is not cocked, and it also has the Trigger block safety.

Superb finish on this rifle! As a stock dipper myself, Traditions has a beautiful pattern with the Realtree Xtra and the Hogue overmold stock. The rifle is 44" Overall Length with a Trigger Pull of 14 inches. The rear stock and forearm are both fitted with Steel Sling Studs.

Traditions Strikerfire Weight: This rifle fully scoped as you see in the pictures weighs in on my scale at 7lbs 4oz.
Barrel: 28" Tapered & Fluted Chromoly barrel. This gun does NOT use the Bullet Guiding Muzzle we see of most Inline muzzleloaders today. This is normally a small 3/8" section of barrel at the muzzle that is free of rifling and allows you to place your sabot or conical bullet into the barrel before pushing it down. Supposedly it makes for easier loading, but as most of us have found out, it simply robs us of barrel length and on some other brands, causes major accuracy issues when using full bore conical bullets. Thumbs up to Traditions for giving us a fully rifled barrel! 26 3/4" of useable barrel length. Barrel is drilled and tapped for open sights.

Ramrod is of solid Aluminum and is extendable for those that must swab the bore between shots. Cleaning and Loading Jag are supplied and carried on the ramrod at all times.

Breech Plug
The Accelerator Breech Plus is removed simply with your fingers and comes out in Three full turns. The supplied breech plug is safe for both Loose Powder and Pellet Powder. Blackhorn209 friendly!
Note: Metric O-ring was added so there was ZERO primer blowby into the action!

Recoil Pad
Not soft at all, very firm but not uncomfortable to where you will be sore after shooting 20+ shots of Blackhorn209. The recoil pad on the Strikerfire is removable by pressing in two round tabs on the sides of the stock and pulled straight back. Very handy for storing cleaning patches or what ever gear you need with your gun. I am currently building a foam compartment for mine that will hold 3 speed loaders.

When firing, Hold rifle Firmly at the forearm when shooting loads that exceed 110 grains Volume!

Traditions has hit a home run with this set up! The Strikerfire uses a TAC2 2 stage competition style trigger that is set at 2lbs. This trigger just blew me away when I first tried it! I've never felt anything like this before. There is just no hardness to it at all, you don't know when it will fire because there is not that traditional creep/grit/breaks like glass feel when pulled. This is very hard to explain how it feels! The best thing to do, get to a store and try one out! I love the trigger and look forward to trying it on the range through the winter months.
Update!! The Strikerfire's trigger on an RCBS trigger scale breaks at exactly 26oz.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with both the Quality of material used and especially that trigger! The rifle balances beautifully and is NOT barrel heavy. While having the rifle for only a few hours now, I have already sighted this bad boy in at 100 yards!

The scope is the factory mounted 3-9x40 Traditions brand scope with the BDC cross hairs out to 200 yards. I sighted this rifle dead on using the 50 yard line, moved out to 100 yards, used the 100 cross hair and while it shot a couple inches to the right, the height was dead on! I think this will actually be a scope that hits where its actually marked inside of the scope. Clarity is great, no blur or fuzz around the edges. The cross hairs are what I'd call a Medium width.

More info to come as I shoot and test new loads.
110 grains Blackhorn209, Harvester EZ Load sabot, 260 grain Harvester Scorpion PT Gold, CCI 209 Magnum primers.
To see the entire article with pictures Click Here.


And while you're there REGISTER with the folks at Frontier Muzzleloading!
NOTE: This article and many other interesting articles can also be found at the BACKWOODSMAN MAGAZINE.

  • The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion, because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left, for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between. -- Mother Teresa
Internal Lock Polishing: $45.xx. CVA/Traditions/Siler/L&R locks only. I will polish all moving/mating surfaces and lock plate for a smooth grit free feel. This speeds up lock time and makes it butter smooth.
Trigger Polishing: $20.xx. Work would include the internals of the lock, the double set triggers MUST be polished for a smooth crisp, grit free feel!
Accuracy Bedding: $60.xx. Needed just like a center fire, your wood stock muzzle loader is actually prone to the tang screw/s loosening due to the weaker wood actually pulling the metal parts up and into the wood under heavy recoil! Loose tang screws are a dead giveaway of this happening only after a few shots, killing your accuracy.
Wet Weather soaking your wood stock also is a common problem. "In order to do the job correctly you will have to send your complete muzzle loader so I can bed all parts as one for the best accuracy possible."
Coning the Muzzle: $35.xx. This procedure in present day is known as "coning”. It was known in the 19th century as a "relieved" muzzle and also as a "funneled" muzzle. Once the rifle has been “coned” it can be loaded rather easily without using the short starter.
Barrel Browning: $65.xx. I use nothing but the best to brown all muzzle loader barrels. It’s a slow process which generally takes 3 to 5 days to complete properly. This included sights, tang, screws, etc. If it deals with the barrel/attachment. It is included in the price.
Browning Accessories: Contact for price! Butt plate, trigger guard, nose cap, patch box, Etc. Just let me know what all you have and I will work on a price for you.
Stock Refinish: $125.xx. Have an old beauty of a muzzle loader but the stock is looking a little beat up? No problem! All finishes are hand rubbed from the low gloss, matte to high mirror gloss, I can do it in whatever finish you want. Walnut normally does NOT get stained unless the owner wants it reddish or almost black. Good walnut normally never needs staining.
Brush the Brass: $25.xx. To rid that beautiful rifle of yours and that ugly shiny cheap looking brass, I can also provide a Brushed look to your rifles furniture that will age nicely and cut that cheap shininess out! Stop scaring game with that mirror! It’s a hunting rifle, not a beauty pageant!

NOTE: For additional information on our services, please contact the following email address:
  • Education ... has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading...
The above states DO NOT recognize any other states concealed carry permits! Until they change their SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST agenda's, We at the MountainGnome ask you the hunter, fisherman, sportsman to spend your money elsewhere!


Folks, here are some great books to read, while relaxing in the evening........

Buy Today...Great Reading!! The First Mountain Man
1800's Western
by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone

He Will Become A Legend...

Before the legend of Preacher there was a man, and before the man there was a boy. In this thrilling novel series, William W. Johnstone tells the story of a young man filled with wanderlust and raw courage—who would someday become the hero of Johnstone's acclaimed Mountain Man series.

On nothing more than a lark, he leaves his family and begins a journey from Ohio westward. Along the way, he runs up against badlands and bad men, loses his freedom, gains his freedom, and learns the first rule of the frontier: do whatever it takes to survive. With ruthless enemies after him—both white men and Indians—he'll head for a place as brutal as it is beautiful—the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Two years later, he will come back down from the mountaintop with new skills, and a new future as one of the most feared and admired men of his time...a man called Preacher...

NOTE:Folks, every book I review on The MountainGnome, I have read and give my honest opinion. This book is excellent reading and exciting (IMO)!


For all scales of C-57D.
We are excited to release our latest sound board for the iconic flying saucer from the movie "Forbidden Planet".

Our all NEW C-57D engine sound board will add the final touch to your Saucer. Sound board lets you switch from Take-OFF, to steady inflight loop, to landing with 3 separate switches. Mount inside your ship or base.

As we all know, there was never a take-off scene and really no inflight sound for the ship other than the thrilling landing sequence. So we came up with our own interpretation and recreation, matching as closely as possible, to the old scifi ship sounds used in the movie. We've added a choice of reed switches and magnets so you can make a clean installation.

All switches are pre-soldered and wired, all you have to do is add the batteries and activate with included magnets if you choose Reed switch option.(Meaning: wave a magnet over the reed switch and it will activate the sound effect.)

Measures Approximately 2 " x 2" with battery pack. 1/4watt Speaker measures 1 1/2" diameter. If you have the room to spare, adding up to a 1/2watt speaker will add even greater sound.

Runs on 4.5volts Powered by 3 x AAA batteries.



    "What the @#$% was that?"
    - Mayor Of Hiroshima, 1945

A Unique Big Game Hunting Ranch

Shoshone Lodge Outfitters offers Wyoming hunts for elk, deer, big horn sheep, moose, antelope, mountain goat, black bears and mountain lions or if hunting isn't your style, take a grizzly bear sight-seeing trips or summer pack trip & fishing trip near Yellowstone National Park & historic Cody, WY. Important Announcement: 12/16 Josh Martoglio, and Cole and Elaine Benton have purchased Trails West Outfitters!

Adventure awaits you on one of the many Wyoming big game hunts available in the magnificent East Yellowstone Valley. Whether your goal is to have a memorable vacation with family and friends, or to hunt one of the many big game animals this area has to offer, you won't be disappointed with Shoshone Lodge Outfitters.

Hunters are given the opportunity to benefit from the proximity to Yellowstone National Park as the animals migrate from the Park into our prime hunting areas.

You can "rough it" in one of our high mountain camps or stay in a cozy cabin with family and friends at Shoshone Lodge and hunt from there.

NOTE: We will no longer suggest Colorado, or any other state that legalized the sale of illegal drugs, as a hunting, skiing, vacation destination without warning you of the consequences!
Due to the legalization of drugs in the state: increases in crime, drug related shootings, increasing traffic deaths, increasing hit & run incidents, we feel your vacations are better spent elsewhere!!


Congress voted to allow your internet service providers to sell your online activity to advertisers – here’s the simplest way to prevent that from happening.

Goodbye Internet Privacy, Hello Anonymous VPNs: How To Keep Your Browser History Private

Every week read about the latest developments in privacy software for the home, internet, e-mail..etc..Is the government sticking their noses to far into your private life? Find out more...

Software, Articles, Web Sites and Tips helping YOU protect your PRIVACY!!

BASICS OF CRYPTOGRAPHY - Download or view this manual.

The best free privacy software 2017!
Online privacy is a hot topic, with even world leaders weighing in on the subject. Many of the big-name websites and companies will track your activities to deliver targeted advertising, and can build up an astonishingly detailed profile including your interests, spending habits, age, location and more.

If you would prefer to keep your personal details private, a VPN or proxy tool will help. See the guide to setting up and maintaining a VPN.

We were ready to recommend TrueCrypt, but since they ended support and development in 2014, VeraCrypt became a great alternative to use.

VeraCrypt is free and it’s available for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems. If you’re used to TrueCrypt, then you will have no problem in using VeraCrypt.

This solution supports Advanced Encryption Standard too and can hide encrypted volumes within other volumes.

Though some people are still using TrueCrypt, we recommend that you switch to VeraCrypt. That’s because this tool is still supported, so it constantly gets improvements and security enhancements as part of its updates.

Though VeraCrypt does not support TrueCrypt files, you can convert them to its own format. Plus, you can use this dedicated beginner’s guide to get started.

NOTE: Folks, as of today, TOR is the best of the best for your internet browsing! No one has been able to equal this program!

CHUCK WAGON COOK you'll find delicious recipes for main dishes, deserts, "kool" drinks, wild game, and more ~ Updated in every new edition of The MountainGnome!

Have a special recipe you want to share?
Please e-mail us at

Egg Tortilla with Cumin Sour Cream
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • Pinch of ground cumin
  • Kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 1 corn tortilla
  • 3 tablespoons freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
  • Chopped chives and chopped pitted green olives, for garnish
In a small bowl, mix the sour cream with the cumin and season with salt.
In a 6-inch skillet, heat the olive oil.
Add the eggs and cook over moderate heat without stirring, until set at the edges, about 1 minute.
Place the tortilla over the eggs, press gently and cook until the eggs are just set, about 2 minutes.
Flip the eggs and tortilla and sprinkle on half of the cheese.
Cook until the tortilla is golden on the bottom, about 2 minutes.
Slide the tortilla onto a plate.
Top with the remaining cheese and garnish with chives and olives.
Serve with a dollop of the cumin sour cream.

For more great recipes come back soon!

  • The only people you need in your life… Are the ones that need you in theirs....


First blood of the French and Indian War:
In the first engagement of the French and Indian War, a Virginia militia under 22-year-old Lieutenant Colonel George Washington defeats a French reconnaissance party in southwestern Pennsylvania. In a surprise attack, the Virginians killed 10 French soldiers from Fort Duquesne, including the French commander, Coulon de Jumonville, and took 21 prisoners. Only one of Washington’s men was killed.

The French and Indian War was the last and most important of a series of colonial conflicts between the British and the American colonists on one side, and the French and their broad network of Native American allies on the other. Fighting began in the spring of 1754, but Britain and France did not officially declare war against each other until May 1756 and the outbreak of the Seven Years War in Europe.

In November 1752, at the age of 20, George Washington was appointed adjutant in the Virginia colonial militia, which involved the inspection, mustering, and regulation of various militia companies. In November 1753, he first gained public notice when he volunteered to carry a message from Virginia Governor Robert Dinwiddie to the French moving into the Ohio Valley, warning them to leave the territory, which was claimed by the British crown. Washington succeeded in the perilous wilderness journey and brought back an alarming message: The French intended to stay...
To read the entire article Click Here.