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The Mountaingnome MERRY CHRISTMAS to All! If we listened to the ads and the store hype, we'd probably believe that our national Christmas tradition is all about shopping. The truth is that we all have special rituals and customs that reflect our diverse heritages. The Christmas tree, holly and even the character of Santa Claus all evolved from stories and customs of other cultures. Whichever holiday you celebrate, The MountainGnome and The MountainGnomes grandchildren, Bobby and Sarah, wishes its members a Merry Christmas and an all around festive holiday season!

Now don't ya'll ferget to send them special stories and pitures to us! Email your story and pitures along with yer name and where yer from, and you'll see it featured here. So, dadburnit, email the The MountainGnome.

Folks, I know I promised ya a little tour of the historic Bon Carbo Post Office, but I'm gonna save that 'til after the holidays. The ole' Mountain Man needs to git a few more pitures for ya'll!

Partners, here's a great place for the younguns' this week!! What say we take them little critters to Manitou Springs, Colorado. Manitou Springs is the home of Santa's Workshop at the North Pole. The little ones can even send santa a message from there! Rides...Gift Shops...Reindeer...Visit them soon...everyone has fun.

Free Download-Wonka holiday Treats. The little critters should enjoy this game for the holidays...children are the most precious gift :o)

To All Company Employees: Company cars are not to be used to go over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house.

-- The Mountain Man        


Well, today we're gonna git in the ole' frontwheel drive sleigh or ya can far up them jet engines, and we're a headin' to Angel Fire, New Mexico. If yer drivin', yer gonna see some of the purtties scenery ever! There's plenty to do in Angel Fire, skiing, snowboarding, tubing and bunches more. When ya git hungry, there's plenty of fine food or fast food eateries! And hey, them folks don't leave out the kiddies....they got a bunch of activities to keep them little critters busy and git 'em plum tuckered out! They're gonna sleep good fer ya! And speakin' of sleepin', here's a comfy place to start yer dreams, PINETREE COMMONS. Big, comfortable, affordable aaaaaaand Friendly!! Now this is only one of many fine lodging at Angel Fire. There's a bunch of great folks to serve ya, no matter what yer needs! Hey! Be careful on them slopes!

Now Taos,NM. is another great place to do some exploring.....there's plenty to do and a bunch of history to explore here. Take a look, you'll love it and the scenery is awesome! Okay....Let's hit the slopes!!


Little Valley Gold Prospecting: Hey, wanna do some treasure huntin' this week?! Chances of findin' some gold here, is better than hittin' the lottery! Mariposa, California in the heart of Gold Country. And yer right near Yosemite National Park! Ya'll got all kinds of possibilities for outdoor activities here. If ya gottem', bring them younguns'! Tese friendly folks will shaw ya everthing ya need to know for pannin' gold. And there's lots more to do...horseback ridin'..rafting..SHOPPING(knew ya'll love that)..hikin'..and yes, even Skiin'!! Ya'll have FUN!!

I was thinkin' about a nice warm weather trip to Cuba, but I'm not sure Castro has a hankerin' fer us folks yet. What say a nice trip to The Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. The island has some of the finest scenery in the West Indies including the spectacular and famous Pitons (Gros Piton - 2,461 feet and Petit Piton - 2,461) which rise majestically out of the sea near Soufrière. The highest peak on the island is Mornie Gimie (3,145 feet). Close by the Pitons, is the volcano which vents hydrogen sulphide, steam and other gases and deposit sulphur and other compounds. You can actually drive into the volcano where you will find the sulphur springs with their curative properties. This enormously lush island has many green valleys, banana plantations, excellent diving and secluded bays for yachtsmen. Now can't ya just feel them nice warm winds?! AAAAHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!

 MOUNTAINGNOME FAVORITE SITE The World's greeting card store, is changing the way people buy and send paper greeting cards. Ya know, a paper greeting card says so much more! Instead of a virtual greetings, they deliver paper cards in the mail with your personalized message printed inside. In addition, provides free services such as an E-mail Reminder Service, Gift Registry and Address Book. You can also include gift certificates with your greeting cards, making a one-stop shop for your gift shopping needs. Cards cost less than three dollars on average including postage, shucks, that ain't nothin' compared to that smile someone's gonna have when they git that special card!


So, what are your thoughts on Y2K? Here's Mine: If the lights go off, if the phone don't work...well, here in the canyons of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, that's just normal..shucks, I'll never know the difference. I got plenty of extra grub, plenty of water, plenty of firewood(my cabin is heated only by woodstove), and a generator set for my well pump, some lights and of course, you know ole' computater! Now all this stuff is just standard procedure fer them days when yer snowed in fer a couple a dadblamed days.

Here's some thoughts(if that were possible) from some top rankin'Feds:
1.) Here is a comment from Sherry Burns, director of the Year 2000 Office at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), speaking about the probability of Y2K problems and some people's lack of concern: "There is very little realization that there will be a disruption. ...I think most people are again assuming that things are going to operate the way they always have. That is not going to be the case."
2.) Senator Dick Lugar, chair of the federal Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, offered this perspective on the possible effects of Y2K: "Many respected economists and technology experts are warning that the inability of computer systems to recognize the simple rollover of the calendar from the year 1999 to the year 2000 has the potential to throw the world economy into a recession, or even a depression. Could this long-anticipated and seemingly benign change of the calendar really devastate our economy, undermine our national security, and jeopardize our domestic safety? The simple answer is yes, it could."

Folks, let me know yer thoughts or concerns fer Y2K! E-mail them to My Y2K Thoughts.

Things to do @ any STORE while the spouse is taking his/her sweet time!
**Go into the dressing room and yell real loud..."Hey, we're out of toilet paper in here!"

 TIPS FOR: Moms-To-Be & New Moms

Sleep Apnea:
Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder characterized by loud snoring and periods of arrested breathing during sleep. In a few pregnant women, weight gain and hormone fluctuations will occasionally swell tissue in the nasal passages, blocking the airway. Some women naturally have excess tissue in the back of the throat, which can swell and block airways during pregnancy. During an "apneic event" your breathing stops and you wake with a gasp, snort, or start. Usually you won't remember waking in the night, although you may wonder why you feel so tired the next day. If you already suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea (often associated with severe snoring), hormone fluctuations during pregnancy may make your condition worse. See a doctor or sleep specialist at once if you think you have sleep apnea. When you periodically stop breathing, the amount of oxygen reaching your brain drops. So does the amount of oxygen reaching your baby's brain. There are two ways to treat sleep apnea. Your doctor may suggest you wear a mask-like device when you sleep to regulate air pressure and help you breathe normally. In some cases, surgery may be required to increase the size of the airway.
NOTE: Always follow the advice of your Physician!

When Your Baby Just Won't Sleep:
Many parents believe there's a magic solution that will make their child sleep through the night. If they can just figure out what that trick is, then their child will immediately start going to sleep quickly and easily and staying asleep all night. Unfortunately, that's not the case. The key to teaching your child to sleep through the night isn't a magic trick, but simply consistency and patience. Once you establish a plan to remedy your child's sleep problems, you must follow through with it. To establish healthy sleep habits you need to create a consistent, soothing bedtime routine and set and adhere to an appropriate nap and bedtime schedule. Sometime between 7 and 8:30 p.m. is a good bedtime for babies and toddlers, and your child should not nap past 3 or 4 p.m., or she's likely to have problems falling asleep at night. Make sure your child's bedroom is a quiet, comfortable, and inviting place to sleep.
NOTE: Always check with your Physician to see if the problem is medically related and follow his advice!


Mcafee Y2K Survival Kit. Ya better check to see if that dadblame computer is up to this here Y2K glitch. McAffe has some programs that will test yer software and hardware and they're free to use......YAHOO!!!! They also have some stuff that'll keep ya runnin' without a hitch after the year 2000! Great folks here..try'em out.

If you've ever wondered which DLL files a program uses, here's how to find out: Right-click on the executable file and select QuickView. In the QuickView file, find the Import Table category. You'll see a list of DLLs the file uses, with additional details below the name of each DLL.


Survival Tip For Children
NO PUNISHMENT: Reassure your children that no one will be angry with them if they get lost. There have been cases where children have hidden from searchers because they were afraid of being punished. HUG A TREE: Teach your children that a tree can be a friend. Tell them if they ever get lost to select a tree near a clearing and stay there. If they are frightened, they can hug and talk to the tree. This will help prevent panic and keep the child in one place, increasing chances of discovery.


Spiced Pecans:
Better offer these yummy, spicy nuts only a few at a time to family and friends--they won't last long. In place of pecans you can use almonds or your favorite kind of nuts.

  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 3-4 c pecans
  • 3/4 c sugar
  • 1/2 tsp ground cloves
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1-1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
Beat egg white with water. Add nuts; stir until moist. Drain. Sift together dry ingredients. Add nuts; stir until coated. Spread nuts on cookie sheet. Bake at 250 degrees 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Ya know, if I keep on....keepin' on, me an ole' Santy goona look like brothers!