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Branson, Missouri

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Gregory, South Dakota

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Florida Frontiersmen
Jan. 20-27, Bartow, FL

Fort Foster Rendezvous
Jan. 27-28, Thonotosassa, FL

Frozen Toes Rendezvous
Feb. 22-25, Fort Lupton, CO

Camp Dubois Spring Rendezvous
May 5-6, Wood River, IL

Plainsmen Black Powder Club Rendezvous
May 19-21, Kindred, ND

Lancaster Restoration Rendezvous
May 24-28, Fort Lupton, CO

Paul Bunyan Plainsmen Rendezvous
May 25-28, Puyallup, WA

Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous
May 26-27, Fort Atkinson, WI

Fort Crevecoeur Spring Rendezvous
May 26-27, Creve Coeur, IL

Prairie Villa Rendezvous
June 15-18, Prairie Du Chien, WI

Trapper Days Rendezvous
Sept. 6-9, Fort Lupton, CO

White Oak Society Rendezvous
Aug. 3-5, Deer River, MN

Hunters Widows Rendezvous
Sept. 15-17, Fort Lupton, CO

Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days
Oct.21-22, Warsaw, MO

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Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America
By Salena Zito - NY POST

This week we saw a few perfect examples of why liberal coastal elites are so resentful of middle America: It’s because the supposed rubes and rednecks aren’t more resentful of the elites — or, more specifically, the elites’ “success.”

They don’t aspire to be like their self-appointed betters.

Some Americans just don’t need much; they don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to have a 1,500-square-foot house, watch football and go to church on Sunday. They don’t want to leave their hometowns to come to Silicon Valley or Washington, DC, or Manhattan. They place great value on community and living near family and carrying out family traditions.

That’s not hate, that’s not stupidity, that’s not racism — it’s their own version of the American dream.

On Monday Ned Resinkoff, a senior editor for the progressive ThinkProgress, wrote in detail about how rattled he was that his plumber, “a middle-aged white guy with a southern accent,” may have voted for Donald Trump.

The idea that his plumber may have different political beliefs left Resnikoff so rattled he “couldn’t shake the sense of potential danger.”

Two days earlier Melinda Byerley, founder of a Silicon Valley-based tech startup that does “free-range, artisanal, organic, customized marketing” with “Birkenstocks-on-the-ground expertise,” tweeted her expert opinion on Middle America’s jobs-`attraction problem.

It wasn’t very nice.

First she said Middle America needs to realize “no educated person wants to live in a s- -t-hole with stupid people,” which is why she said more big corporations don’t move to the Heartland: “Those towns have nothing going for them,” with “no infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.”

Educated people such as herself wouldn’t live in rural areas because they won’t sacrifice their superior tolerance and diversity to do so. Nor do her highly educated friends want to live in states where the majority of residents “don’t want brown people to thrive.”

And of course there was Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, railing against Trump and his voters — delivered in a bejeweled dress in the company of people draped in clothing worth millions of dollars in an auditorium that looked like Versailles.

‘We always suspected that these people felt this way, but now they are not even hiding behind the façade anymore.’

Her rip on people who prefer football and mixed martial arts as entertainment over high-art film was also telling.

Their comments are the exact kind of sneering condescension that provoked the election’s anti-elitism backlash, said Bruce Haynes, a GOP strategist in Washington. “And what is interesting is that we always suspected that these people felt this way, but now they are not even hiding behind the façade anymore,” he said.

Most Americans simply don’t want or desire the same things that these people hold up as valuable; they don’t need a mansion, they don’t rack up frequent-flyer miles. They want different things — a place to live, a decent job, education for their kids.

It’s more than enough for most people.

But Streep and Byerley and Resinkoff and the people who were cheering on their screeds cannot imagine being satisfied with any of that, because their universe is so different.

So they bite back. They make fun of Main Street — their values, their way of life, their pace of life, the towns they live in, the football games and martial arts they enjoy and the professions they have chosen.

They’re racists, uneducated people to be feared. And the divide deepens.

“If you don’t engage in the things I care about, or desire the things I desire, there is something wrong with you” was how Haynes characterized the attitudes expressed toward Main Street.

Regular folks have had enough. Less ambition doesn’t make them lesser Americans, yet that’s exactly the way they’re treated. Arrogant liberal elites take this personally, because they interpret it as a critique of the sacrifices they’ve made to get to where they are.

The left-liberal pundit class loves to hear stories of rural Americans who moved to the big city and look in their rearview mirrors with shame and trepidation, like their small-town upbringing is a skeleton in their closet. What they can’t abide is average Americans’ pride.

"The politicians say “we” can’t afford a tax cut. Maybe we can’t afford the politicians." -Steve Forbes

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The MountainGnome


by Jonathan Koziol
author: Buck Conner

I started and established a business for correct period foods and items to prepare those foods for the re-enactment movement going on in North America and Europe back in 1980.

Our original store "Buckhorn Rendezvous", later becoming "Clark & Sons Mercantile" in the 90’s growing into a mail order business named after an old family name that was as old as our country. The family name of Clark has been in American History from the beginning, "from sea to shinning sea", treading on new ground, always involved and looking for a new venture or adventure.
I was looking through some old issues of books related to the historical living history mode and found an article read and forgotten a while back that I had written a reply to the editor.

In the March/April 2002 issue of Muzzleloader. An article of interest was a letter titled "Canning Canned" by Frank Bielman; according to medical records on canned meat during the last part of the "buffalo stands" period - I have read that it was a question as to what was worst the possibility of bad meat or the lead soldered lids and bottoms on the cans that made many company hunters sick or died.

A small group of us found this very interesting, trying to use edibles as correctly and true to the period, this has been a hobby as well as a business when still owning Clark & Sons Mercantile, a period edibles food supplier now being handled out of Houston Texas (closed a few years ago).

Doing reenactments or historical living history for more years than many of our readers have been alive, (not bragging - just getting old), may I give you some more information on the subject of "potted meat".

I had an older gentlemen (a rancher) tell me about the care of meat before refrigerators or a warm winter and ice wasn't as thick as usual. In the fall they would process wild game meat, (cattle were to be sold to easterners not eaten), this meat would still be edible in the spring. Here’s what is really interesting, they kept it in pottery crocks, glass and metal cake pans covered with cheese cloth and stored in the root cellar.

The secret is they would cook the meat well done, then using rendered hot lard (liquid form) cover the bottom of the container, next the meat was singly placed in the container with a covering of lard to seal it from the next piece of meat being placed as well as not letting the sides of the container touch the meat either. Each piece is kept completely sealed from the container and other meat, when meat was needed you would take out what you wanted wiping off the lard and saving it to be rendered again for use at a later time.

He claimed it would last at least 5-6 months, this was as late as 1955 near Loveland CO, they didn't get electricity until 1955 or 1956 in many farming areas in rural Colorado and Wyoming.

For a 20 year period we have practiced this method of taking care of meat while moving around the mountains in Colorado.

THE REAL TEST A small group of us started doing canoe trips back in the mid 80’s, one trip was from Ft. Morgan CO to Ft. de Chartre IL (60 miles south of St. Louis MO), 1260 river miles with no support team. The venture was done in period dress, food, and mode of transportation, as said with no support team - just on our own skills to keep everything moving forward. For this trek we prepared buffalo, elk, deer and antelope meat, packed in lard gotten at the local grocery store in TIN containers, the trip took 28 days, starting in temperatures in the mid 30's and arriving in IL with temperatures in the mid 80's. We ate the meat every day and found it was as good the last day as it was the first day.

Hope this adds to your use and thoughts on caring for and preparing your next meal.

And while you're there REGISTER with the folks at Frontier Muzzleloading!
NOTE: This article and many other interesting articles can also be found at the BACKWOODSMAN MAGAZINE.

  • The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion, because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left, for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between. -- Mother Teresa
Internal Lock Polishing: $45.xx. CVA/Traditions/Siler/L&R locks only. I will polish all moving/mating surfaces and lock plate for a smooth grit free feel. This speeds up lock time and makes it butter smooth.
Trigger Polishing: $20.xx. Work would include the internals of the lock, the double set triggers MUST be polished fora smooth crisp, grit free feel!
Accuracy Bedding: $60.xx. Needed just like a center fire, your wood stock muzzle loader is actually prone to the tang screw/s loosening due to the weaker wood actually pulling the metal parts up and into the wood under heavy recoil! Loose tang screws are a dead giveaway of this happening only after a few shots, killing your accuracy.
Wet Weather soaking your wood stock also is a common problem. "In order to do the job correctly you will have to send your complete muzzle loader so I can bed all parts as one for the best accuracy possible."
Coning the Muzzle: $35.xx. This procedure in present day is known as "coning”. It was known in the 19th century as a "relieved" muzzle and also as a "funneled" muzzle. Once the rifle has been “coned” it can be loaded rather easily without using the short starter.
Barrel Browning: $65.xx. I use nothing but the best to brown all muzzle loader barrels. It’s a slow process which generally takes 3 to 5 days to complete properly. This included sights, tang, screws, etc. If it deals with the barrel/attachment. It is included in the price.
Browning Accessories: Contact for price! Butt plate, trigger guard, nose cap, patch box, Etc. Just let me know what all you have and I will work on a price for you.
Stock Refinish: $125.xx. Have an old beauty of a muzzle loader but the stock is looking a little beat up? No problem! All finishes are hand rubbed from the low gloss, matte to high mirror gloss, I can do it in whatever finish you want. Walnut normally does NOT get stained unless the owner wants it reddish or almost black. Good walnut normally never needs staining.
Brush the Brass: $25.xx. To rid that beautiful rifle of yours and that ugly shiny cheap looking brass, I can also provide a Brushed look to your rifles furniture that will age nicely and cut that cheap shininess out! Stop scaring game with that mirror! It’s a hunting rifle, not a beauty pageant!

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  • Colleges... don’t make fools, they only develop them!
The above states DO NOT recognize any other states concealed carry permits! Until they change their SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST agenda's, We at the MountainGnome ask you the hunter, fisherman, sportsman to spend your money elsewhere!


Folks, here are some great books to read, while relaxing in the evening........

Buy Today...Great Reading!! Phoenix Rising
Present Day
by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone

"The Land Of The Free" Is No Longer Free...

The new President of the United States is sharing the wealth, rewriting the Constitution, and changing the National Anthem. America's liberals are thrilled with the election of the first foreign-born candidate. But when President Ohmshidi begins to implement his radical agenda-banning oil production, slashing military budgets, and establishing a "New World Order"-our once-great nation becomes easy pickings for a deadly new wave of Muslim extremists, who rename America. . .the Islamic Republic of Enlightenment.

It's Time To Take Back America

Enter Jake Lantz, a battle-seasoned army major and ace helicopter pilot who refuses to stand by and watch his country go down in flames. Assembling a ragtag team of action-ready soldiers and patriots, Jake establishes Firebase Freedom-America's last defense against the violent, lawless thugs and "Army of Allah" that has taken over. Jake's mission: Take back America. Give the people liberty-and give the enemy death. . . . . .

NOTE: Most folks don't think this could ever happen...just vote for another Liberal like Obama and see what happens!

NOTE:Folks, every book I review on The MountainGnome, I have read and give my honest opinion. This book is excellent reading and exciting (IMO)!


Robby The Robot Life Force Kit
Custom Built in the USA.

New! RC voice activation option now available.
This option must be added to kit before shipping.
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Kits available for the Masudaya 16" & 24" Robby as well as the X-PLUS Robby.

Bring your POL810 1/12 scale Polar Lights Robby to Life with the Robby the Robot Life Force Plug-N-Play LED and Sound Effect Kit. The kit includes a High Quality sound board with 14 famous phrases synced to a flashing blue LED. Blinking lights are included for Blue "Weapons Neutralizers" as well as white LEDs for the "Analyzer Disk Beta" on robbies chest panel. Includes steady lit LEDs for various areas of Robby.

Just plug in some connectors, battery, and slide power switch on, no soldering required. This is as simple as a Lighting kit can be.

Install Circuit boards in the stand that is provided with your model or create a custom stand.

Photo etch kit from ParaGrafix will help to accurize your Robby. Click Here.
Robby model in video and Photos are not included in effect kit, they are for demonstration only.



    "What the @#$% was that?"
    - Mayor Of Hiroshima, 1945
GREGORY, SOUTH DAKOTA: Buffalo Butte Ranch

South Central South Dakota has been labeled "The Pheasant Capitol of the World" and for good reason. The Buffalo Butte Ranch is one of the best South Dakota hunting lodges and is located in the heart of this area known as the "Golden Triangle". A prime pheasant hunting area between Gregory, Winner and Chamberlain. No other region compares to the wild pheasant numbers found in this part of South Dakota. This is why pheasant hunters flock to South Dakota.

Buffalo Butte Ranch is a 6,000 acre privately owned and operated pheasant farm which has been in our family for five generations. Our Buffalo Butte Ranch South Dakota pheasant hunts, are in a variety of cover including milo, corn, sudan grass, cattails, tree belts and winding natural waterways and draws. Much of the land west of the Missouri River is marginal farmland and is not planted fence line to fence line. Because of the natural terrain and conservation practices such as CRP and shelter belts, the native pheasants flourish. With over 6,000 acres to hunt your corporate trip will have many lasting memories.

NOTE: We will no longer suggest Colorado, or any other state that legalized the sale of illegal drugs, as a hunting, skiing, vacation destination without warning you of the consequences!
Due to the legalization of drugs in the state: increases in crime, drug related shootings, increasing traffic deaths, increasing hit & run incidents, we feel your vacations are better spent elsewhere!!


Congress voted to allow your internet service providers to sell your online activity to advertisers – here’s the simplest way to prevent that from happening.

Goodbye Internet Privacy, Hello Anonymous VPNs: How To Keep Your Browser History Private

Every week read about the latest developments in privacy software for the home, internet, e-mail..etc..Is the government sticking their noses to far into your private life? Find out more...

Software, Articles, Web Sites and Tips helping YOU protect your PRIVACY!!

BASICS OF CRYPTOGRAPHY - Download or view this manual.

The best free privacy software 2017!
Online privacy is a hot topic, with even world leaders weighing in on the subject. Many of the big-name websites and companies will track your activities to deliver targeted advertising, and can build up an astonishingly detailed profile including your interests, spending habits, age, location and more.

If you would prefer to keep your personal details private, a VPN or proxy tool will help. See the guide to setting up and maintaining a VPN.

Email encryption. For all operating systems. Standing the test of time.

OpenPGP is the most widely used email encryption standard. It is defined by the OpenPGP Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a Proposed Standard in RFC 4880. OpenPGP was originally derived from the PGP software, created by Phil Zimmermann.

Email encryption
Although OpenPGP’s main purpose is end-to-end encrypted email communication, it is also utilized for encrypted messaging and other use cases such as password managers.

For all operating systems
OpenPGP is available for all major platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux, Android, and iOS.

Standing the test of time
OpenPGP was standardized in 1997 and since then continuously improved. As far as we know, intelligence organizations aren’t able to break it.

NOTE: Folks, as of today, TOR is the best of the best for your PRIVATE internet browsing! No one has been able to equal this program!

CHUCK WAGON COOK you'll find delicious recipes for main dishes, deserts, "kool" drinks, wild game, and more ~ Updated in every new edition of The MountainGnome!

Have a special recipe you want to share?
Please e-mail us at

Spaghetti With Sausage and Peppers
  • 8 ounces uncooked spaghetti
  • 1 (1-lb.) package mild Italian sausage, casings removed
  • 1 medium onion, cut into eighths
  • 1 medium-size green bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 1 medium-size red or yellow bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 2 to 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 (28-oz.) can diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1.) Prepare pasta according to package directions.

2.) Meanwhile, cook sausage in a large Dutch oven over medium-high heat 8 to 10 minutes or until meat is no longer pink, breaking sausage into pieces while cooking. Remove sausage and drippings from Dutch oven, and drain well on paper towels.

3.) Sauté onion and next 3 ingredients in hot oil in Dutch oven over medium-high heat 5 to 6 minutes or until vegetables are crisp-tender. Stir in tomatoes, salt, and pepper; cook 4 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Stir in sausage, pasta, and cheese. Transfer mixture to serving platter, and serve immediately.

4.) To freeze: Prepare recipe as directed. Cool 30 minutes. Place pasta mixture in a 13- x 9-inch baking dish. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Freeze up to 2 months. Thaw in refrigerator 24 hours. Preheat oven to 350°. Remove and discard plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Cover with aluminum foil, and bake at 350° for 40 to 45 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

5.) Turkey Spaghetti With Sausage and Peppers: Substitute 1 (1-lb.) package Italian turkey sausage for mild Italian sausage. Remove and discard casings from sausage. Increase olive oil to 2 Tbsp. Cook sausage in 1 Tbsp. hot oil as directed in Step Discard any drippings in Dutch oven. Proceed with recipe as directed, sauteing onion and next 3 ingredients in remaining 1 Tbsp. oil.

For more great recipes come back soon!
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The Apache get horses – American history

Like their Navajo cousins, the Apache people were Athabascan. They moved south into the south-west part of North America from their home in Canada about 1400 AD. So when the Spanish invaders came in the 1500s, the Apache hadn’t been in the Southwest very long.

In the late 1600s, the Pueblo people captured a bunch of horses from the Spanish invaders and sold the horses to their neighbors. So the Apache got horses and learned to ride them. Apache soldiers became excellent riders, much better riders than most Spanish soldiers. Horses let the Apache catch and kill more bison than they had before, and also helped them win battles with the Pueblo people and with the Spanish settlers.

But most of the time, Apache people were trading with their Pueblo and Spanish neighbors as much as raiding them. Maybe they didn’t really care very much about the difference. Either way, these different groups were exchanging stuff – sometimes more or less peacefully, other times less peacefully. Apache people traded bison meat and hides to the Pueblo people in exchange for corn, cotton cloth, and stone tools. The Apache also traded with Spanish villagers for guns, metal tools, and horses. This trading and raiding went on for more than three hundred years, until about 1850.

To read the entire article Click Here.