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Ojo Caliente, NM.

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2017-2018 RENDEZVOUS
Always check websites for date changes!
We will be adding events as they become available thru the year.

Ranger Springs Skinners Fall Rendezous
Nov. 17-19, Decatur, TX

Petit Jean Mountain Rendezvous
Nov. 24-26, Morrilton, AR

Frontier Festival
Jan. 5-7, Albany, GA

United Nebraska Muzzleloaders Association Convention & Trade Show
Jan. 12-14., Kearney, NE

Florida Frontiersmen
Jan. 20-27, Bartow, FL

Fort Foster Rendezvous
Jan. 27-28, Thonotosassa, FL

Frozen Toes Rendezvous
Feb. 22-25, Fort Lupton, CO

Camp Dubois Spring Rendezvous
May 5-6, Wood River, IL

Plainsmen Black Powder Club Rendezvous
May 19-21, Kindred, ND

Lancaster Restoration Rendezvous
May 24-28, Fort Lupton, CO

Paul Bunyan Plainsmen Rendezvous
May 25-28, Puyallup, WA

Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous
May 26-27, Fort Atkinson, WI

Fort Crevecoeur Spring Rendezvous
May 26-27, Creve Coeur, IL

Prairie Villa Rendezvous
June 15-18, Prairie Du Chien, WI

Trapper Days Rendezvous
Sept. 6-9, Fort Lupton, CO

White Oak Society Rendezvous
Aug. 3-5, Deer River, MN

Hunters Widows Rendezvous
Sept. 15-17, Fort Lupton, CO

Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days
Oct.21-22, Warsaw, MO
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Black Powder Substitute - What's a good choice?
by Jonathan Koziol

This topic is ALWAYS popping up by the new shooters.

What black powder sub is a good choice for my rifle?

The experienced shooters always reply with the typical response of, NONE! Real black powder only for me!

Well, that's just to darn easy of an answer! Is it the wrong answer? No! It's probably the best advice you can get if you are shooting a traditional muzzleloader.

Real black powder ( Goex, Olde Eynsford, Swiss, Graf & Sons, etc ) will give you the best results when it comes close to 100% ignition in a cap lock.

Now, some folks like myself, simply can not justify spending the upfront money on ordering real black powder online for a 5lb minimum order.

I am not going to go through the history of when such and such powder was made or who made it or the pressures it makes. All that stuff means jack squat to the normal every day shooter and personally, I could care less as it is very boring to read about.

As always - Never shoot Smokeless Powder in a muzzleloader!

Pyrodex, Triple 7, American Pioneer, Jim Shockey's Gold, Alliant Black MZ, Alliant Blue MZ are accepted powders for muzzleloaders. Always refer to your owners manual or contact the maker of your muzzleloader.

Now back to the original question.... What is the best black powder sub to use in a cap lock muzzleloader?

Let's take a look at your rifle...

I mostly shoot Traditions brand muzzleloaders, but have a long history with CVA sidelocks, as well as Lyman sidelocks.

Over the 18 years of muzzleloading, my #1 Black powder sub has always been Pyrodex RS.

Pyrodex has been around since the 70's and is an extremely good, consistent and powerful powder. One downside, is that its bulky and can get stopped up in some breech plugs and either hang fire or misfire all together. Lyman/Investarms are the worst for this happening do to their tiny powder channels and lack of funneling to help shift the powder under the nipple.

Investarms/Lyman breech, we can see a slight hole where the powder channel is cross drilled. There is zero funneling to help the powder move under the nipple. Coarse powders often will just hit the bottom of this breech plug and stay there rather than flowing out and under the nipple as it should. In this rifle, I prefer to use Pyrodex P which is a much finer grade of powder and flows very easily. Pyrodex P is 3fg equivalent and again, is a powerful, clean burning powder that sets off easier than Pyrodex RS - Select.

Now changing over to the Traditions/CVA rifles, we have a much better designed breech system that actually is funneled, larger in diameter, and catches the powder and puts it under the nipple. Pyrodex RS does fantastic in my rifles and so, I buy a lot of it.

Now, we hear of the hang fire issues with the black powder subs. Yes, they do require more heat to set off than real black powder, but that's the trade off.

This IMO, is not a powder issue, but a Nipple issue. Not all nipples are designed the same, some funnel the flash channel to flash hole poorly, some use flash holes smaller than .028", some even have undersized shafts that allow the percussion cap to fit loose. If your spark plug in your cars engine fit loose and allowed the compression to escape before detonation, your engine would not run smooth, it would hiccup, or in this case, Hang fire.

The #1 Best nipple to use with the black powder subs is hands down, the Knight Red Hot nipple. Your percussion caps fit snug to where you may have to use the hammer of your rifle to push the cap on all the way so it is fully seated. A nice tight sealed fit. The flash hole diameter ( around .030" - .031" ) is large enough the handle the volume of gasses and put it directly into the powder rather than hit you in the face with those painful showers of spark and gas. The Flash Channel to Flash hole transition is beautiful and not rounded off at the bottom so the gasses bounce back. Everything about this nipple flows smoothly and efficiently.

Just recently I bought some Treso nipples to try out. Amazing accuracy! However, the flash hole is super tiny and this nipple does nothing but hang fire with Pyrodex RS due to that tiny, restricted flash hole. It however is a fantastic nipple when using real black powder.

So what it boils down to for me... When I use a black powder sub, I use a lot of Pyrodex RS and top it off with a Knight Red Hot nipple. This gives me great accuracy and reliable ignition that I can depend on.

If you are shooting a Lyman/Investarms muzzleloader, My suggestion is to go with Pyrodex P for easier flow under the nipple, and of course, the Knight Red Hot Nipple.

While we are on the subject of the nipple..

What Anti-Seize do I use on my nipple?

Silver high temp anti-seize for automotive works great but can be messy, CVA nipple grease, TC Gorilla grease, work well. My favorite by far however, is your typical White Plumbers tape. Just wrap the threads once and the nipple threads are actually sealed from both fouling AND weather. Super easy to clean up and the greatest thing of all, it will not melt and run into your powder charge like some of the listed anti-seizes above.

CLEANING PYRODEX: Some may cringe and say " Ahhh, that stuff will rot yer bore " Well... After all the years and hundreds of pounds of Pyrodex, I would have stopped using it had that been the case. You clean Pyrodex just as you do Real black powder.... A little warm soapy water, scrub it clean, change the water once more, swab the bore clean, dry it, a shot of alcohol to remove moisture, follow up with an alcohol patch and dry patches. The alcohol is a must with any black powder or subs. To much moisture sits on top of the breech plug or in it and that alone causes rust issues. Follow up with your favorite and most trusted gun oil

Go to FRONTIER MUZZLELOADING.COM to see all pictures of this product.
And while you're there REGISTER with the folks at Frontier Muzzleloading!
NOTE: This article and many other interesting articles can be found at the BACKWOODSMAN MAGAZINE.

Internal Lock Polishing: $45.xx. CVA/Traditions/Siler/L&R locks only. I will polish all moving/mating surfaces and lock plate for a smooth grit free feel. This speeds up lock time and makes it butter smooth.
Trigger Polishing: $20.xx. Work would include the internals of the lock, the double set triggers MUST be polished for a smooth crisp, grit free feel!
Accuracy Bedding: $60.xx. Needed just like a center fire, your wood stock muzzle loader is actually prone to the tang screw/s loosening due to the weaker wood actually pulling the metal parts up and into the wood under heavy recoil! Loose tang screws are a dead giveaway of this happening only after a few shots, killing your accuracy.
Wet Weather soaking your wood stock also is a common problem. "In order to do the job correctly you will have to send your complete muzzle loader so I can bed all parts as one for the best accuracy possible."
Coning the Muzzle: $35.xx. This procedure in present day is known as "coning”. It was known in the 19th century as a "relieved" muzzle and also as a "funneled" muzzle. Once the rifle has been “coned” it can be loaded rather easily without using the short starter.
Barrel Browning: $65.xx. I use nothing but the best to brown all muzzle loader barrels. It’s a slow process which generally takes 3 to 5 days to complete properly. This included sights, tang, screws, etc. If it deals with the barrel/attachment. It is included in the price.
Browning Accessories: Contact for price! Butt plate, trigger guard, nose cap, patch box, Etc. Just let me know what all you have and I will work on a price for you.
Stock Refinish: $125.xx. Have an old beauty of a muzzle loader but the stock is looking a little beat up? No problem! All finishes are hand rubbed from the low gloss, matte to high mirror gloss, I can do it in whatever finish you want. Walnut normally does NOT get stained unless the owner wants it reddish or almost black. Good walnut normally never needs staining.
Brush the Brass: $25.xx. To rid that beautiful rifle of yours and that ugly shiny cheap looking brass, I can also provide a Brushed look to your rifles furniture that will age nicely and cut that cheap shininess out! Stop scaring game with that mirror! It’s a hunting rifle, not a beauty pageant!
NOTE: For additional information on our services, please contact the following email address: FrontierMuzzleloading @
The above states DO NOT recognize any other states concealed carry permits! Until they change their SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST agenda's, We at the MountainGnome ask you the hunter, fisherman, sportsman to spend your money elsewhere!


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Soon the drive turns into a deadly pursuit, then a staggering series of clashes with bloodthirsty Indians and trigger-happy rustlers. And the worst is yet to come—the party rides into a devastating blizzard, a storm so fierce that their very survival is at stake.

From the greatest Western authors, here is an epic tale of the unforgiving American frontier and how, amidst fierce storms of man and nature, miracles can still happen.

NOTE:This book is excellent reading and exciting (IMO)!


Moebius 1/8 Scale Iron Man Designed for the Moebius 1/8 scale Iron man. Provides wired LEDs for eyes, chest, and palm. Tiny circuit board provided for Palm effect. Can be used with any super hero that will benefit from the effect. Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™ Light kit, "The Open Palm Pulse Effect" to enhance the 1/8 scale Moebius Ironman, but can be used with any comic super hero that will benefit from the effect.

All lighting produced by bright energy efficient LEDs.

Our kit is totally plug-n-play, but Steve Causey found it was easier for him to cut the wires to the LEDs and splice them back together inside the chest. Always test fit your lighting kit to see what works easiest for you.

Built with top quality components for longevity.

Powered by 4.5v battery holder.



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Featuring Arkansas’s premier lake cabins, Mountain Harbor offers a variety of floor plans, lake views, and luxury among our lodging options, ranging from rustic Arkansas lake cabins, affordable motel rooms, efficiency kitchenettes and cozy condos. At Harbor, guests are family – so we custom-design each of our lodging facilities to be a “home away from home” for friends, wanderers, and returning guests.

From roughing it to rustic, we're here to accommodate. Our airy guest rooms open out to the big lawn overlooking the lake, just steps away from the pool or restaurant. If you plan on relaxing by one of the sparkling pools all day, poolside cabanas are available. If you are need some privacy we might send you off the beaten path to a tucked-away Harbor East condominium with intimate, wooded views and tranquility. We also offer premier Arkansas lake cabins. Here at the Lodge, these have been family favorites for years – and our Harbor North Cabins are a rustic village of log-sided venues designed with all of the indoor space that you need to relax and rejuvenate. Stay at Mountain Harbor and see what makes us one of the most popular lakeside resorts in Arkansas!
You can view Galleries of Images of our Lodging here.

NOTE: We will no longer suggest Colorado as a hunting, skiing, vacation destination without warning you of the consequences!
Due to the legalization of drugs in the state: increases in crime, drug related shootings, increasing traffic deaths, increasing hit & run incidents, we feel your vacations are better spent elsewhere!!


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Software, Articles, Web Sites and Tips helping YOU protect your PRIVACY!!

BASICS OF CRYPTOGRAPHY - Download or view this manual.

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Online privacy is a hot topic, with even world leaders weighing in on the subject. Many of the big-name websites and companies will track your activities to deliver targeted advertising, and can build up an astonishingly detailed profile including your interests, spending habits, age, location and more.

If you would prefer to keep your personal details private, a VPN or proxy tool will help. See the guide to setting up and maintaining a VPN.

GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is actually an open-source implementation of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). While you can install the command line version on some operating systems, most people choose from the dozens of frontends and graphical interfaces for it, including the official releases that can encrypt everything from email to ordinary files to entire volumes. All GnuPG tools support multiple encryption types and ciphers, and generally are capable of encrypting individual files one at a time, disk images and volumes, or external drives and connected media. A few of you nominated specific GnuPG front-ends in various threads, like the Windows Gpg4Win, which uses Kleopatra as a certificate manager.

Those of you who nominated GnuPG praised it for being open-source and accessible through dozens of different clients and tools, all of which can offer file encryption as well as other forms of encryption, like robust email encryption for example. The key, however, is finding a front-end or a client that does what you need it to do and works well with your workflow. The screenshot above was taken using GPGTools, an all-in-one GnuPG solution that offers keychain management as well as file, email, and disk encryption for OS X.

CHUCK WAGON COOK you'll find delicious recipes for main dishes, deserts, "kool" drinks, wild game, and more ~ Updated in every new edition of The MountainGnome!

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Bacon-Elk Wraps (Recipe)
  • 1 pound elk steaks
  • ½ pound bacon

Cut meat into one inch squares, and wrap each piece with a strip of bacon about 2-1/2 to inches long. Pierce through the bacon and meat with a toothpick to secure the roll. Skewer 6 to 7 “wraps” onto a bamboo or metal skewer stick and place on a broiler rack. Broil until one side is lightly brown, turn and cook other side. Serve hot. Makes 24 to 30.

Tip: For gamey meat, marinate the meat chunks in soy sauce for about 30 minutes before cooking. This recipe compliments of Marge Bailey, Cody, Wyoming.

Recipe courtesy of Jim Zumbo's Amazing Venison Recipes cookbook.

For more great recipes come back soon!

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