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Hunting Turkey
Black Powder / Muzzleloader

Most states require turkeys to be taken with a shotgun. Because of a turkey's feathers and breast bone its advisable to take them with a head shot. The best shot size is #4, #5, or #6. Personally, I've settled on #5 shot for all my muzzleloader shot gunning except for dove and quail where I use #7 1/2 shot..

The key to successful turkey hunting with a muzzleloading shotgun is:

  • 1. either get the bird in close so a less dense pattern will take the bird cleanly or
  • 2. finding one that has a very dense pattern at longer ranges.

Almost any muzzleloading shotgun will work with #1, however, I prefer the #2 option since I hunt mostly open farm land, don't get too many chances, and some of those chances are in the 40yd range. This is the type of shotgun generally referred to as a turkey shotgun with an extra full choke.

The shotgun must be patterned at the most likely range you intend to shoot. I generally place my decoys about 25 steps from where I set up so that's where I do my patterning. I also pattern it further out to detemine how far out I can reliably take a turkey.

The problem with using an extra full choke with a muzzleloader is that the choke constriction prevents loading and must be removed for loading. That's not too big a problem as one shot should be all that's necessary anyway. The biggest problem I see is getting powder kernels on the choke threads which is not a good deal. That can be prevented by using a funnel with a long spout and allows the powder to bypass the threads. Its hard to find the right tool for this, I've been looking for two years and still haven't found the right tool.


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Buy Today...Great Reading!! Wilderness: King Of The Mountain:
by David Thompson

Wilderness is David Thompson's epic saga detailing the struggle for survival in America's untamed West during the early 1800s. Anyone foolhardy enough to venture into the vast, unexplored regions beyond the Mississippi ran the risk of being attacked by hostile Indians or wild beasts. Those threats don't hinder young Nathaniel King, whose trail will lead him from danger to danger and into the Rocky Mountains, where an incredible treasure awaits him.

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America~A Bygone Era: History: America
They’re Called Killing Grounds for a Reason
By Linda Wheeler

Does the ground where soldiers are fighting have any real bearing on the number of casualties they take? During a 10-year study of the geomorphology of Civil War battlefields, two geologists found that in some cases it did.

Analyzing the action at Sharpsburg, Md., and several other sites, Radford University’s Robert Whisonant and Judy Ehlen discovered that the shape of the land could actually put soldiers more at risk in some areas of a given battle than in others. They already knew that flat, open land was pretty much guaranteed to be hell for advancing troops and that rough, high terrain created good hiding places for infantry and artillery, but according to a story in EARTH magazine, their research showed how differences in geological composition of those areas contributed to differences in the numbers of casualties incurred in different sites.

“We’re not really contributing new historical information,” Whisonant explained. “We’re taking known history and trying to give it more context.”

Sharpsburg, also known as Antietam, was the single bloodiest one-day battle in the war, with more than 23,000 soldiers killed, wounded or missing. The troops that day had another common enemy besides bullets, however: carbonate rock. Millions of years of rain will reduce soft carbonate rock to relatively flat, open terrain. The battle’s notorious Cornfield, which is located on a deposit of almost pure limestone, is an example of how carbonate rock can become a relatively smooth surface, good for farming. Casualties there were at least three times higher than in other parts of the battlefield. When carbonate rock is mixed with harder dolomite and slate, the result of weathering is different. That is the composition of the land near Burnside Bridge, where the limestone had dissolved away, leaving an uneven terrain with hills and ridges that provided good hiding places. Casualties were consequently lower in that area.

The geologists presented their conclusions in a talk, “No Place To Run, No place To Hide,” at a meeting of the Geological Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, American Society of Agronomy and Gulf Coast Association of Geographical Societies.

You'll find the "Rest of the Story & More" Here!


Outdoor Adventure: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

One of the many attractions Grand Cayman has to offer is Seven Mile Beach.  With sand stretching as far as the eyes can see, it is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. Other attractions on Grand Cayman include the 65-acre Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, the National Trust's Mastic Trail (2 mile traditional footpath through unspoiled woodlands in North Side), the Cayman Islands National Museum in George Town, Pedro St. James Historic Site in Savannah, Boatswains Beach, Hell, National Trust historic walking tours of central George Town and West Bay, blowholes in East End, district and historic buildings now being restored under the direction of the National Trust and National Historic Sites Committee, (including the Old Savannah Schoolhouse). Rum Point is also an attraction not to be missed.  Imagine sipping a cocktail in a hammock on a beach shaded by majestic Casuarina trees. Enjoy a beach snack or indulge in an a la carte meal or simply take a dip in the crystal clear sea.

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Mountain Events: Steamboat Springs, Co.
Visit for more Information........

Make Steamboat Springs Your Rocky Mountain Vacation Destination This Year!

No matter when you plan to visit, we are here to help make planning a vacation to Steamboat easier than ever before!

Nestled perfectly in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Colorado, Steamboat Springs offers a memorable vacation and genuine western hospitality. Let us be your Colorado mountain vacation resource guide for lodging, airline flight informationvacation packages, the most comprehensive events calendar and a complete shopping and dining guide. Create a unique outdoor adventure or a quiet weekend getaway with our abundant activities or experience the local cultural arts. Steamboat Springs is the perfect place for your next Colorado vacation.

Whether it is winter, summer, spring or fall, Steamboat Springs has it all! In the winter you don’t have to pick if you want to experience World Class Skiing or float effortlessly through our legendary Champagne Powder® snow.  It is all in one place, a town known as Ski Town, USA®… You may know it as Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Although our winter season is full of a variety of exciting activities the local motto is, “Come for the winter and stay for the summer”.   In the summer come enjoy the pristine wilderness, whether it’s a ride up the gondola or a hike through a wildflower field, satisfaction abounds.  Enjoy a signature event, legendary mountain biking rides or epic views, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  No matter what the season  or the age of our visitor, the Old West excitement of Steamboat Springs keeps them riding back to town year after year!

  • Japanese scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed, they now can photograph a woman with her mouth shut.
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Managing heartburn Many women have heartburn for the first time when they're pregnant -- and though it's common and harmless, it can be scary and painful. Heartburn is a burning sensation that often extends from the lower throat to the bottom of the breastbone. It is caused by both hormonal and physical changes in your body. Progesterone relaxes the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach, allowing gastric acids to seep back up the pipe, and also slows down the wavelike contractions of the stomach, making digestion sluggish. In later pregnancy, the growing fetus crowds the abdominal cavity, slowing elimination and pushing up the stomach acids to cause heartburn. Though you may not be able to eliminate heartburn entirely, you can take steps to minimize it:

  • Avoid rich or spicy dishes, chocolate, citrus, and coffee.
  • Eat small, frequent meals.
  • Try not to lie down for at least an hour after eating.

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Venison Stroganoff

Double or triple ingredients as necessary

You will need:
  • 1 to 1-1/2# Venison - chop bite size pieces.
  • 1 can cream of mushshroom soup.
  • 1 cup sour cream.
  • 1 onion - chopped.
  • 1 package fresh mushrooms sliced.
  • 1 stick butter.
  • 1 lb package egg noodles.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
Saute onions and mushrooms in the butter. Add venison and simmer until meat is browned. Add soup and simmer untill heated. Stir in sour cream and stir until combined. Cook noodles per directions. Either combine noodles and sauce and then serve, or plate the noodles and then top with sauce.

  • An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Sugarplums dancing through your head? Get in the festive mood at A Traditional Christmas.